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Vintage Furniture Cyprus

Nowadays, vintage style is one of latest trends  that create elegant and appealing living spaces. There are  variety of themes of vintage styles that can be applied into stylish interior homes. Our company offers furniture from a selection of different materials, such as oak wood and metal finishes, which can be combined with modern pieces. The beautiful colours and the highest quality of our furniture designs will functionally work and suit in your interior space either large or small, and will make all the difference.

The vintage design adapts into two different styles; retro style and industrial style. Retro style combines mixed styles and objects from the past, old pieces and new items. It creates an interesting and colourful interior space.The combinations of textures, materials, geometric patterns and colours are what retro style is about. On the other hand, industrial design represents a warehouse look. It combines pieces that we would usually find in restaurants, industries and old buildings. It does not combine many colours as it is strictly metal, stainless steel, bronze and wood.

Key designers all around the world are now using vintage style furniture for their projects and customer presentations. Getting inspired by the industrial design of the early 20th century they combine metal features together with wood in hand rubbed paint finishes and patina finishes. All these different combinations with several other techniques help them to achive a warmth of natural finishes pallet giving a classic and outstanding value in to the house.

Our company offers a complete and powerful team of interior designers that can help and design for you both styles which represents the vintage era. The team has the experience not only from our collections but from our projects as well, to combine, create and  present to you the correct style matching - Always based on the needs and demands of the client.