A TVs best friend: TV Stands and Wall Units in Cyprus

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TV Stands

Here you will find a vast variety of TV stands - wall units in different sizes, shapes, materials, and styles to fit perfectly in every house.


There are several different models of TV stands - wall units to choose from, each appropriate to your specific needs. Whether your intention is to display, organize, decorate, or maximize space, there is a TV Stand here for you!


You can find elegant pieces of furniture which are designed to hold your TV and AV equipment while hiding untidily cables. We also have multifunctional units which include swivel and tilt capabilities as well as an enhanced cable management system.


Choose a cabinet ( TV stands- wall units ) that will permit: 

  • Optimum ventilation and accessibility to equipment 

  • Cabling

  • Power sources

  • Hidden lighting for a more relaxing atmosphere

  • Tidiness

If the equipment is behind a door cabinet that closes make sure it is an active door which lets the infared of the vremote control pass through.

Before you buy TV stands - wall units you will need the measurements of your current television set. If you are selecting a stand for a standard television, you may consider a TV cabinet that allows for two to three audio video components, as well as your television. Additionally, if you intend to place your TV in a room that is prone to too much light at a certain time of day, a swivel TV stand might be the best solution.


If you have a very modern house and you plan on adding your plasma TV on the wall then you may consider playing with minimal pieces of low height or even with different height levels.


Then you can even add to it with an already made wall unit or our highly trained interior designers and sales executives can help you make a custom one to suit your needs!


TV stands - Wall units come in a variety of: 

  • sizes / dimensions

  • configurations

  • finishes

  • colors

  • shapes / forms

  • can be adapted to your existing or future entertainment needs.


They are usually much larger than other stand solutions, and can occupy an entire wall’s height and width.


Wall units have been very popular in the past 25 years. They consist of several discrete components that are usually fixed to an internal wall of the living room and can range in style from contemporary to traditional in order to match the decor of the home.


Wood, metal and even glass can be employed in their manufacture. Wall units can be easily installed. This kind of furniture is not only suitable as an entertainment center for TV or audio equipment but it can also be used as storage and even be added in kitchens and other parts of the house or office. 


No matter what kind of TV you have, there are TV stands - Wall units specifically designed for your needs and chances are that we have them all!



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