Selling Price: €662.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online:€530.00 incl. VAT 19%

Selling Price: €662.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online: €530.00 incl. VAT 19%

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Burano Kitchen Table €530.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Dinning Table for your Kitchen Area from Andreotti | Burano Dinning Table

Details:This is a full glass dinning tabe which can be suitable in any home style. It does not involve any other colour or material details, hence there is not a chance, not to match your home furniture and interior design. It is in modern line and if you pair it with dazzling chairs, then the result will be amazing. It can be used both as your daily dinning table or it can be suitable for your special occassions depending on how you will combine it. For interior assistance or for further info please find our contact information here.

Table Size: 180 x 90 x 78 cm