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Salisburgo Bar stool Sg141

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Selling Price: €259.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online:€207.00 incl. VAT 19%

Selling Price: €259.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online: €207.00 incl. VAT 19%

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Salisburgo Bar stool Sg141 €207.00 incl. VAT 19%

Salisburgo Bar stool | Buy now from Andreotti Limassol Furniture Store in Cyprus

Great for bar tables and extended kitchen working tops.

This chic stools feature an adjustable gas mechanism for the option of making your seat higher or lower depending on the height of breakfast table or your own personal preference.

The height can vary from 61cm – 83cm. The legs have a shiny metallic finish and the color of the seat you have all the above options.

The dimensions of this stool are:

  • W 38cm x D 32cm
  • Height can be anything from 61cm – 83cm 


Note: In case we do not have the requested item in stock for immediate delivery our sales department will contact you to inform you of the exact delivery date or available options in stock.