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Belen - 875 Bed Cat.B 150 x 190/200 cm

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Selling Price: €974.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online: €779.00 incl. VAT 19%

Selling Price: €974.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online: €779.00 incl. VAT 19%

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Belen - 875 Bed Cat.B 150 x 190/200 cm €779.00 incl. VAT 19%

Belen - 875 Bed Cat.B | Andreotti Bedroom Furniture & Accessories Shop in Cyprus

Size: 150 x 190/200 cm

This  bed is  also available in the following mattress sizes :

90  x 190/200 cm ,  140 x 190/200 cm  ,150 X 190/200 cm , 160 x 200 cm  , 180 x 200 cm , 

BELEN BED as shown on the photo in size 150 x 190 cm .Height of headboard 118 cm and 30cm of the bed.

Price of this bed changes if you choose different size .


The headboard is designed with square tufted detailing that gives the piece a modern look and feel. Its beautiful linen upholstery is avalalbe in several Colors and you can choose among Fabric or eco leather. The thick cushioned padding will make your room look like a luxurious and comfortable. The bed’s clean includes and orthopedic stat frame and does not require a box spring. Matress is not included in the price.

Made in: SPAIN

Brand: DUPEN

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