Selling Price: €295.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online:€236.00 incl. VAT 19%

Selling Price: €295.00 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online: €236.00 incl. VAT 19%

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B99 Trunk €236.00 incl. VAT 19%

B99 Trunk Storage Foot Stool | Andreotti Limassol Shop

A lovely asset to any bedroom set. The B-99 trunk is very practical as it can be used to store all kind of things. You can also trough your cloths on it after a tiring day and take care of them in the morning. This trunk/footstool can also assist you while sitting to but on your shoes etc. A perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics.

The dimensions of the B-99 trunk are:

  • L 120cm x D 42cm x H 42cm

Note: We keep a wide stock of our furniture.  In rare cases this item may be unavailable for immediate delivery.  In this case we will contact you to inform you for the exact delivery date or offer you alternative options in stock.