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Description: Adagio bed is made in Spain and produced by Dupen. It is a luxurious bed with capitone details at the back of its headboard and studded details all around. It is one of our favourite picks and we definately suggest it for you. This will give a different yet unique touch to your bedroom and whoever is gonna see your bed, she/he will surely be impressed. Its velvet material gives an extra elegance to this bed highlighting its super high quality.

At Andreotti you can find and explore many beds and bedroom furniture.
Also our team of interior designers is always ready to help you with your choice, budget and give to you many ideas.

Size:  We usually have it in-store in 180 x 200 cm but you can also order it in 160 x 200 cm, 150x190/200cm. This price is for the 180 x 200cm bed. (matress size)

Cat. of fabric: B

Note: the mattress does not included to the price

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