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Silver Package 2 Bedrooms

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Selling Price: €9,076.25 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online:€7261.00 incl. VAT 19%

Selling Price: €9,076.25 incl. VAT 19%

Buy Online: €7261.00 incl. VAT 19%

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Silver Package 2 Bedrooms €7261.00 incl. VAT 19%


If  you are looking for something unique for your house, the Silver furniture package offers you a design and stylish taste. This package has been developed to deliver classy and elegant furniture. If you are considering a more modern and trendy design, then this package assists all your needs and requirements.  Buy now this complete furniture package and get the following:


Living Room:

- Sofa giles 3356 ER 30001 essential 2LA+2LA+Stool   Size 315x315

- TV Cabinet aina I-3433 GM white    Size 160x40x52h

- Coffee table Venice   Size 110x60x40h

- Dining Table hada I-3413 white    Size round 110cm

- Chair nizza SE-603 white 4 pieces 


Bedroom A:

- Bed Joker 62052 Fraciuo Cenere                                                           Size 150x190

- Mattres Classic/Zafiro                                                                                  Size 150x190

- Night table Replay 65440 Fraciuo Cenere 2 pieces                            Size 44x44x53h


Bedroom B:

- Bed Belen Cat.A                                                                                               Size 160x200

- Mattres Classic/Zafiro 

- Night table M-102 2 pieces                                                                         Size 54x43x47h