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Modern Furniture - Cyprus

Experience modern personality in your living room - family room, where you spend a lot of time relaxing with friends, family and guests. Modern living could be a blend of natural wood surfaces or metallic finishes used in spaces with clean lines and a cohesive colour palette. The use of contemporary furniture in your house gives a modern statement with clean lines and sleek profiles. Update your living and bedroom areas with modern beds, sofas, contemporary dining chairs and tables.

Our “modern collections area”  is a home of modern shapes and designs combined with high-quality materials to create some of the best ambiances available in Cyprus. Enjoy and explore the following setups:

Modern Sofas: A  key element in any living room that gives you a place to rest and relax. In a contemporary living room you can find more furniture in modern lines, like loveseats, sectionals, poufs and armchairs that are available in a variety of materials and can be coordinated well with other items in your home. Give a different statement in your modern living room by using linen or leather materials in coordination with natural soft cotton fabrics. See some examples of our modern sofas collections below or visit the collections best sofas and armchairs in Cyprus

Modern Coffee tables: Can be blended in a contemporary aesthetics ambiance. Clean lines, smooth finishes, and innovative designs can be found in our furniture collections. Visit our furniture shops and get more ideas of how to decorate and furnish a modern style house.

Modern Dining Chairs and Tables: Can be used as additional seating in your living room and can also be made with a varietyof materials combined with modern colour touches. Create a contemporary dining area and match it with the rest of your modern décor by blending it with suede, leather or velvet fabrics in different patterns. Give a unique shape and design to your dining or kitchen area with the use of modern chairs and dining tables. You can get an idea on some prices for modern tables and chairs by visiting our online store.

Modern bookcases: Enjoy cube-like bookcases in several sizes and colour finishes with glass or wood shelves. These modern bookcases can blend easily with the rest of your contemporary modern furniture décor. These library bookcases can be found in wood, glass and laminate in several colour finishes.

Our sales teams are design experts and they are ready to guide you through our selection of modern living with suggestions for a correct setup. To book an appointment for free interior advice with the help of our interior designers, please contact our furniture showrooms in Cyprus.