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Vintage Accessories & Clocks


Choosing Vintage accessories for a house!

Add a vibrant touch and refresh your home with vintage delicate accessories. These home accessories must be carefully chosen since they  offer you special feelings from an old background songs or scenes from old movies. Items such as floral motifs, metal candlestick, old framed paintings, pottery, old chests, curtains and table lamps give the idealistic and vintage touch for an ordinary home.


Vintage Clocks for a life !

Give any room a vintage look by adding an antique french style clock.To create a stunning retro or vintage look, mix the old and new designs of wall clocks.

There are numerous ways to place a vintage wall clock. For example,a rustic wall clock can be in the dining area or in the sitting room above the fireplace. It is also impressive to have an old style wall clock in the entrance of the house, in the kitchen and in the bedroom as well. Wherever a modern, vintage or a romantic clock is placed, it makes the perfect presentation and adds a charming touch in each room.

Clocks are timeless peces that can be an eye catching piece in the house but at the same time be an excellent  investment too. Majority of them are antigue style reproduction wall clocks, meaning that they are new but made to look like old. Every model is made to have a story behind of each design. Rusted finishes give a different characteur against to chrome or glossy finishes wall clocks. Choose amonge different styles and browse among our different options. Get vintage decoration ideas for a house  from our article and read about different ways of decorating a house. Read more specifically about vintage living rooms and see ways to include a wall clock in to this room.