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Yes, but you should contact us through our contact us form specifying the items that you are interested in. We will get back to you with their price and stock availability along with their technical information.


Yes, all our online transactions are encrypted and secure. We do not store your credit card details in our system.

Yes, you can view all your past transactions, through your customer account which will automatically be opened once you make a purchase from us.


No, we deliver to you free of change.

We deliver to you in all parts of Cyprus that are under the control of the Republic of Cyprus.


If you have chosen furniture from the collection which we keep in stock we deliver in 1-7 days based on your delivery area.
If you have ordered furniture which is out of stock, then delivery date varies according to the manufacturer’s delivery plan. For exact details please contact our offices on +357 25 721 128  

We deliver on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 9:00-15:45.

Yes, our professional team assembles and installs your furniture.

No, assembly and installation are free of charge.


Most of our products have manufacturer’s guarantee.
In addition, Andreotti holds a tradition of more than 37 years in the furniture sector with a name and a reputation which forms a very strong guarantee.
We also provide an excellent and dependable after-sales service that has no expiry date therefore you are almost covered for life!  

No worries, just give as a call and our service team will visit you in order to help you solve the problem.

We select our suppliers very carefully. Most of our furniture comes mainly from Ilalian, Spanish and Portuguese factories.

Yes, we offer a range of collections that can be made in different sizes, colors etc. Please contact our offices for more information on +357 25 721 128

Yes, we can make most of the furniture suit your taste and color coordination.

Yes, all our prices include VAT. 

There will be no extra cost on the final price we give you.


We accept the following forms of payment: cash, Visa, American Express and cheques.


Shipping to other countries can be arranged at an additional cost. Shipping cost varies according to the country of destination. Our shipping department can give you a quote for international shipping.

Our biggest showroom with all products to suit everyone’s taste and budget is situated in Limassol, Agios Athanasios industrial area. 

Our collection is exhibited in our new showroom located in the center of the main road of Agios Athanasios Avenue. 

Here, at our new showroom “Exclusive by Andreotti" we present more exclusive collections and branded products with a superior customer service.
With our expansion we look forward to presenting more collections and adding services and products that exceed your expectations in every way.
Our Address is:
62, Agios Athanasios Avenue
4102 Limassol
Tel: +357 25315888


We are open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. In the summer period we are open on Mondays-Tuesdays-Thursdays-Fridays from 8:00-19:00, on Wednesdays from 8:00-15:00 and on Saturdays from 8:00-14:00. In the winter period we close at 18:30 instead of 19:00.

Yes, we offer package deals with special discounts. To view these packages please visit the furniture package deals on our eshop.


Yes, you can get help from our professionals free of charge. Create your own exclusive interior design according to your unique style and budget. Just provide us with your floor plans for tips and advice at (link….) or visit our showroom in Agios Athanasios industrial area for a private appointment with our interior designers.


Yes, the loose decorative cushions (the small cushions that you through/keep on top of your sofa) can stay very close to their original form as long as you are careful and avoid sitting on them or bending them as this could make them change shape or texture. 


Sofas are used on a daily basis and therefore get worn out with time and use.
All our models are designed to stay in perfect form, however, it is important for you to care for your sofa. For instance:
 - Make sure you plump up the back and arm cushions on a regular basis.
 - If the seat cushions are sliding forward you should place them back in their original position as this will avoid any kind of deformation.
Further down, through other questions, we offer some more tips on how to care for your sofa.

Even though our sofas are made with fabrics that comply with the CE light endurance standards, any fabric that is exposed to direct sunlight may become pale with time. We therefore recommend you keep the sofas away from the direct sunlight if possible.


In the Guarantee Certificate you will find the fabric from which your sofa is made. This will give you information such as whether it can be washed in the washing machine or be dry cleaned etc. It is, however, recommended that you prefer dry cleaning.


You may notice this as most fabrics that are used for sofas are made of chenille fibre that gives the fabric a softer texture and look. Marks may be developed in the chenille as time goes by. 


The legs of the sofa do not have any sharp edges so no damage can be caused on a wooden floor through normal use. Some chairs even come with felt gliders (swivel armchairs). However, if the floor is delicate – made of wood or marble – it is recommended that felt gliders are fixed on the legs so that no marks are caused when the furniture is moved.  

You can use a damp cloth. Cleaning products and chemicals should be avoided and spills should be wiped up immediately. If you want to know how to care for your piece of furniture have a look at the manufacturer's information that comes with it.


We carry various wood-grain tones. Some pieces of furniture have a laminate or other type of protective finish. If you would like information about the finish for a particular item you can look on the item page.