Storage with Style! Sideboards - Console - Showcases


Sideboards - buffets


Every dinning room set needs its sideboards - buffets to complete and enhance the ambience of the room.


Sideboards - buffets come in handy in many ways as they consist of drawers and cupboards so you can store all sorts of things like: 

  • cutlery

  • glasses

  • fancy china

  • linens, etc.

  • Also it is a great idea to use it in order to serve your guests as you can place a few dishes on the sideboard - buffet and in that way  have the space you require on the table


Sideboards - buffets come in different heights, lengths, widths and multiple finishes. Some offer more storage space than others. Also there are some which have backlights to add elegance and a cozy atmosphere to a room.


The smart design and clean lines of dining buffets and sideboards add a touch of class to your home. Weather you are looking for modern dining buffets, contemporary dining sideboards, or traditional ones, we have it all!


Console - Hall tables


Console tables can be very useful and are a lovely addition to an empty space!


It is a great idea to use console tables as entrance furniture. It is a place where you can leave your keys, bag or other items on the way in and leave them there all tidy and ready to take with you when you leave the house. Adding an elegant vase will emphasize and enhance the structure.


Consoles can also be used as accent furniture by becoming the base for a dynamic mirror or a unique painting. Therefore, adding to the beauty and character of the furniture and your space.


These accent tables can be used anywhere in the house.                                                                                                                                              

Console tables are not only used as entrance and accent furniture but consoles can also be used:

  • For extra storage in the hall 

  • Over a radiator, therefore covering up the radiator and making use of the space 

  • In the living room as you can place one behind the sofa

  • You can display photographs and decorative items or if the one you have chosen has shelves you can fill them with books 


Here you can find elegant and smart consoles in different shapes like rectangular, or rounded. It can either have drawers or simply be plain. There are many sizes, designs and finishes in any color wood, high gloss, or glass and even plastic in different colors. 


Showcases - Vitrinas - Exhibitors


Vitrinas - Showcases are cabinets which are closed of by high quality clear glass and are used to exhibit valuable, for the owner, objects. Some people have big collections of porcelain plates, some of swarovski crystals or even jewellery, gemstones, etc.


Keeping your valuable items in the showcases is a guaranty that they will be much safer; dust free and away from people and children which may accidentally break them.

  • Showcases can be added in the living room. It is always nice for other people to see and admire your collection and also your high standard vitrina which you have chosen to display them in.

  • Alternatively, it could be a lovely addition to the dining room, especially if you have an exceptional china collection to exhibit.

  • If you are in the business of selling jewelry or other special or valuable small objects, vitrinas are important for exhibiting these pieces, whether this is in your home, office or shop.

Exhibitors come in:

  • Various sizes and shapes ( corner vitirnas, rounded or rectangular )

  • Different colors of wood

  • With shelves of either wood or glass

  • All glass and full of shelves or with drawers as well and

  • Include spotlights


Whether you want a traditional rich look virtina with curved designs, or a modern straight line showcase that makes a statement, we have it all. These pieces are timeless accents and can brighten up any home. With their solid wood frames our Vitrinas - Showcases are not only chick but also durable trough out time.


So take you time and browse our Sideboards - Console - Showcases!