Best Mattresses in Cyprus

Choosing the Best Mattress for You!

Get yourself a night's comfort rest and sleep by choosing the best mattress for you. Find the right type of a mattress that suits your body and fits your budget. It is essential to get a good night’s rest for your health, so let’s start with the best mattress solution for you!

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Memory Plus Mattress: (Memory foam)

One of the best memory foam mattress using the highest quality materials in order for your body to feel a pleasant sensation and ultimate comfort. The mattress' core is  made of high density foam for great back support and firmness. The memory foam was developed in NASA research center and now is used on mattresses to give the best comfort possible. It softens in reaction to your body heat, which helps it to mold but as a fast recovery foam it goes to its original shapes as soon as the weight of the body is removed.



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Platinum Mattress:

Will provide maximum comfort while you sleep; it will also keep you independent from your partner.

It is a high density foam mattress with mini pocket springs full of natural components.

Natural cotton and virgin wool are some of the materials used to create this unique and innovative result. In addition the mini pocket springs provide fantastic adaptability, softness and firmness in combination with the use of wool and cotton that give a smooth and comfortable surface.



Titanium Mattress now in Cyprus:

A memory foam mattress on both sides with independent block pocket springs gives the best combination for maximum comfort to your body, for maximum comfort while sleeping with core pocket springs that give independence to each person in bed.











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Orthopedic Mattress:

Spring mattress with special lumbar reinforcement to protect the back against muscular pain and stress. The mattress has a rich quilting with special firmness, high quality sweat resistant stretch fabric which has been treated against mites to allow for a perfect hygiene and an enviroment free of allergic reactions.







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Anatomic Mattress - Zafiro:


Spring mattress with exclusive stretch quilting, sweat resistant fabric with aloe vera, air ventilators for perfect airing and side handles to transport and turn the mattress easily.











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