Check out the advantages of our Outdoor Furniture!

Check out the advantages of our Outdoor Furniture!

Our rattan furniture is made of PE plastic imitation rattan which is non toxic and is 100% recyclable and the frame is from stainless steel. Our outdoor furniture can be exposed to the highest ultraviolet radiation for 4,000 hours and is built to endure any climate temperatures from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius. 

When used under covered areas and protected we give a guarantee of 7 years. When used in open uncovered areas, under normal conditions, we give a guarantee of 3-5 years. 

The furniture must be protected and cleaned often. It is advised that it is washed with normal plain water, especially after rain, as raindrops and other elements can damage the product. It is recommended that outdoor cushions are removed from direct sunlight and other elements when not in use. Turn cushions regularly for more even wear and exposure to the sun. 

The fabrics used are water and UV resistant. The cushion filling consist of friendly to the environment elements like cotton. 

 All in all our outdoor furniture has:

  • Cushion covers which are removable and washable
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Durable to any kind of temperature
  • Long guarantee for indoor and outdoor use
  • The cushions are water and sun resistant


Whether you are looking for a complete stylish outdoor furnishing or if you are looking to make a few changes to freshen up your look be sure that you will find anything you need and want here! We provide you with furniture at its best and at competitive prices! All our outdoor furniture is European branded from selected suppliers and has manufacturer's guarantees. 

Our aim is to assist each and every customer to make the right choice. Our highly trained team of sales representatives and experienced interior designers are at your service for any help you may need to place our outdoor furniture in the right place to highlight both space and furniture. We can ensure that you will not only find our products beautiful and comfy but practical and functional as well! 

We guarantee you will receive high quality furniture at a great value for money! Browse and shop stress free knowing you will benefit from all the advantages our company and products have to offer you:

  • Affordable

  • Beautiful pieces

  • Sturdy and Dynamic structures

  • High endurance upholstery

  • Exclusive and innovative designs

  • Unique and stunning range

  • Manufacturer's guarantees

  • Built to last - Durable

  • European branded products

  • Selected suppliers

  • Vast range of different shapes, colors, sizes and styles (modern, contemporary or classic)

  • Functional and practical

  • After-sale service

  • Experienced sales representatives and  specialized Interior Designers

Knowing these are just some of the benefits of our outdoor furniture we are sure you will make an excellent choice.