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Outlet Furniture Cyprus

Premium craftsmanship doesn’t have to be a luxury

Our outlet hosts items with the promise of quality craftsmanship and the aesthetic excellence that Andreotti is so well-known for. With decades of experience in selecting masterpieces for discerning customers looking to create beautiful spaces which harmoniously combine comfort and style, the company is now in the unique position of offering some of its stunning selections, at up to 70% off!

Affordable quality, in every style

No matter your home or personal aesthetic preference, you are sure to find excellent European furniture and high-end home décor items that perfectly suit your personal style and interior needs, at surprisingly low prices.

How do we do it?

Up until now, purchasing selections such as the ones hosted at the Andreotti outlet and at the prices we are offering, seemed almost unimaginable. However, our inhouse expert buyers and design consultants now offer showroom samples, discontinued products, slightly damaged or mismatched items for every room, at generously discounted offers. Moreover, last pieces from our premium collections, untouched, unscathed and in perfect condition, can also be found at up to 70% off, making our outlet an absolutely incredible choice for anyone looking to complete their home compositions with signature statement furniture or premium yet affordable designer items.

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