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Carpet Show in Cyprus with the Famous Carpet Designer Despina Miraraki


Find the complete DESPINA MIRARAKI hand-woven carpet collections in Cyprus, only at Exclusive by Andreotti store in Limassol. These carpets are perfect for collectors and discerning customers as well as for modern individuals who want to decorate their home with a quality, high-end carpet that is both beautiful and affordable at the same time. Do you want a one-of-a kind carpet? You are sure to find it in our carpets and furniture shop in Cyprus, available for all budgets and styles. Visit our shop during 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 of November 2016 and meet with the best specialists in carpets.

Discover hand-woven carpets made of pure silk, with one million knots per square meter in GARDEN-    BACHTIAR, KASHAN, HUNTING, QUBA designs that come in all shapes and sizes including circular and square. These carpets are perfect for collectors and individuals who want to place hand-woven pieces in their home, not only because they suit their interiors, but also for their artistic value which acts as a solid financial investment. Find these exclusive carpet collections only at EXCLUSIVE BY ANDREOTTI shop in Cyprus at Agios Athanasios Αvenue 62 , Limassol. Telephon Νumber: +357 25 315888.

Classic Hand-made Carpets

Handmade carpets from cashmere country are made from natural silk in light colours with repeated patterns and silk to cotton bases, in timeless neoclassic and modern designs. Classic ΝΑΙΝ, ΤΑΒRIZ, KERMAN, ISFAHAN Persian carpets offer high quality Persian tapestry made of wool and silk with a silk base. Most designs include flower patterns, rosettes, decorated corners and portraits, while over 30 different colours are used for each individual carpet. Making Persian carpets is incredibly difficult and time consuming and production is consistently declining.


Modern Carpets

Modern hand-woven, high pile carpets that adapt perfectly to minimal interiors made from wool and silk, in light brown, beige and ecru colours. The carpets include geometric or linear designs with no flower prints.  Just as fashion is seasonally set by acclaimed designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Versace, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more Hand-woven / hand-made carpets have their own superstar design houses such as SARASWATI, PARAG, GLOBAL, OSKUI and SAHRAI. These beautiful pieces are manufactured with wool and silk, in abstract classical designs, which usually include 4-5 shades from the same colour palette. For example, a piece could include dark grey, light grey, ash grey and silver white colours, and the same palette behaviour is repeated for golden yellow designs, black and white etc. These superior quality MIRARAKI collections can be found only at Exclusive by Andreotti Carpet Shop in Cyprus.



Vintage - Destroyed Carpets

Hand-woven vintage-destroyed carpets are the latest in interior life-style trends. These extremely fashionable carpets have stood the test of time with specialized processing, nap shaving (destroying process), and dyed in various colour schemes. Similar vintage collections include Patchwork pieces, made with square or rectangular pieces, traditionally bound together to create stunning compositions.



   Exclusive Carpet Show with Despoina Miraraki | 11 - 14 November!


   Address: 62, Agios Athanasios Avenue 4102 Limassol, Cyprus Tel: +357 25 315888